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Joe Murdie is a cinematographer. 


Having worked in a number of positions over the years including; Writer, Producer, Director and Editor, Joe’s passion and enthusiasm for film has always stemmed from being behind a camera. His cinematography style is centred around creative lighting and unique compositions while always ensuring that every shot serves the story first and foremost. 


As a child Joe lived with a camera in hand. Starting out in stills on an old Pentax SLR before transitioning into moving image after saving up for a $50 handycam from cash converters. He began his professional career working in news and broadcast, music videos and short form documentary. Since then he has worked regularly on TV series, commercials, short films and documentaries throughout New Zealand, America and South East Asia. Joe’s passion for creativity has lead him to perusing more scripted works in recent years however his love of good, fun and real stories never sees him far from documentary work. 


As a serious techo, Joe keeps up to play with the latest technology and is proficient on all leading cinema cameras and equipment. He has also invested in a good array of in house equipment including a RED DSMC2, Easyrig, basic Lighting kit and more. He is practical and hands on, and considers himself a ‘rigging operator’, often building custom contraptions to position or move cameras in unique ways. 


Joe is available as a freelance DP/Cinematographer or Camera Operator throughout NZ or globally.  

Member of

The Screen Industry Guild of Aotearoa New Zealand

New Zealand Cinematographers Society

Film Otago Southland


Joe has an extensive list of credits across a variety of film and television projects and has creatively worked with many agencies and clients including; TVNZ, Media Works, RNZ, The Coconet, bcg2, Hustle & Bustle, DB Breweries, Samsung, The Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra, Skycity, The NZIHL, NZ Merino, NZ Police, Healthcare NZ, New World and many more. A selection of his credits can be found below.



Restoring AEU  (In Production)



Paradiso After 25 Years

Ode 2.0 Behind the Menu

Fourteen Foot Journey

4130 | A BMX lifestyle film


Isotherm 0°C


Gina Malcolm - Don't Expect the World

Spoken - Stronger than me

Anna van Riel - Christmas in New Zealand

Luca George - Lonely Tonight Acoustic

Devilskin - Little Pills

Devilskin - Never See The Light

Devilskin - Mountains

DB Breweries / APO - Remember a night not a minute

An Artistic response to the Teina Pora case

Ermehn - Livin in the hood

Tha Movement - MASTA Featuring Poetik, MC Arme, SMV, King Kapisi, Mareko & Kas The Feelstyle

Fuelset - Alone

World War Four - Ghost

Helgorithms – Tether

Sinate – Premonition of the Wicked


Burn Cottage Winery, Digital Campaign

ECO Wanaka, Digital campaign

Mt Cook Lakeside Retreat, Digital Campaign

Rhyme and Reason, Digital Campaign

Roam Wānaka, Digital campaign

Sweet Slips, Digital campaign

'This is Rippon'  - Rippon Winery, Digital campaign

Dougal Alan x Ford Motor Company, TVC

Shot at The Studio Space, TVC

'Fairness’– TVC Series for Tall Poppy

Lake Wanaka Tourism - Love Wanaka Web Campaign         

MITv - TVC series for Manukau Institute of Technology        

MITh Busters - TVC series for Manukau Institute of Technology        

Cucina – Commercial series       

Akarua Wines - Commercial series        

Samsung X - TVC series      

Spacewax -  Commercial        

Pembroke Pâtisserie  - Commercial series

NZ Merino - Silere Commercial


Stripe Studios - Rich Listers Season 1 - TV Series 

Stripe Studios - The Circus, Season 2 - TV Series

RNZ - House Talk - On demand series

Greenstone TV - Border Patrol season 11 - TV series

RNZ – Heli Trio -  News Presser

Greenstone TV - Dog Squad season 2 - TV series

The Coconet - Game of Bros season 3 - TV series

TVNZ - Cooking4Change Hotspots - On demand series

Seven Sharp - ‘How To Dad’ - TV spot

Seven Sharp - ’50 Peaks’  - TV spot

Seven Sharp - ‘Tractor Trek’ - TV spot

Seven Sharp - ‘Taupo bomb comp’ - TV Spot

TVNZ - Chop Chop - On demand series

The SnP Show – Web Series

Inked Life TV – Web series

The Coconet - Rhyme ‘The Rage’ Loto World title journey - On demand episode

NZIHL - Live Stream 2018 season, 2019 season, 2020 season, 2021 season, 2022 season

Joe Murdie Cinematographer
Based - Otago NZ | Available - Worldwide
(64) 21 136 2809  |

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